Florida Keys Tours, after Irma

“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” — Dalai Lama

Bahia Honda Historic Overseas Highway Railroad Bridge Florida Keys

The future of Up The Keys Tours lies in finding and sharing the beauty of the Florida Keys. This future is the same as it was before Hurricane Irma. We’re just going to have to look harder for a little while and alter our course a little bit.

Secret beach in the mangroves

There are a few places I’ve found by exploring the Keys on my own and with friends. I’ve been wanting to share these off-the-beaten-path places with my tour groups, but I thought my guests needed to see the can’t-miss places that are more well-known.

Ivy wall in Key West Tropical garden

Because Irma tumbled the legendary Bat Tower and severely impacted Bahia Honda State Park, now it’s the time to share those lesser-known, yet awesome, places I’ve found. The more I think about it, the more I realize these places are just as good to share, and maybe even more so, with our Florida Keys and Key West visitors.

Old bridge in Florida Keys

It’s my hope that these places, some of them well-hidden in the mangroves, survived the storm. We shall see in the next few weeks. We will continue to get award-winning photos of the Key Deer and we’ll stop in at the Blue Hole to look for more wildlife, but stay tuned…

We’re on the road to new adventures Up The Keys!

Walkway through Florida Keys mangroves

-Kim Stamps, Tour Director

Up The Keys Tours

Phone: 305-587-5575


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